- Abraham Lincoln

Austin Bishop Palmdale City Council 2016

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

For palmdale city council 2016

Austin Bishop is a local business owner and longtime Palmdale resident and volunteer.

Started when he was 25 years old, his company Printing Boss focuses on helping businesses and non-profits
meet their success goals to make the Antelope Valley a better place to live.

Dedicated to public safety, Austin Bishop volunteers his time as a Board Member of the Antelope Valley
Sheriff’s Boosters working to ensure that local deputies have the resources they need to keep us safe
and work with community leaders to represent all residents.

He is running for Palmdale City Council because even while our national economy has rebounded, too
many Palmdale residents are struggling in a difficult job market.

Through his business, Austin Bishop provides quality, skilled jobs to local residents. He understands the
importance of job training and education in preparing our workforce and attracting high quality jobs to
our community.

Austin Bishop believes strongly in never being satisfied with the status quo, and striving to provide
quality of life for Palmdale residents. By expanding leadership to allow input from more residents we
can develop better solutions together to increase the safety of all residents and create job opportunities
locally that allow more residents to avoid long commutes.​